We have run Bet’s B&B since 2005.

Bet’s professional background is in advertising and marketing. Keith is a former journalist and communications manager.

It was ‘chance’ that led us into the B&B business – the ‘chance’ to re-build an old barn that had stood at the rear of our property for more than 100 years. It once sheltered a horse and cart, with a hayloft above.

By the time we bought our home in 1988, the barn stood empty.

Its weathered beams weakened by termites, the brittle weatherboards loosened by age. The whole structure was so rickety and unstable that it sagged in the middle and looked ready to collapse. Before it did, Keith, singlehandedly, pulled it down.

Yet, everyone agreed the old barn did have some character. When re-building began, we incorporated some of the old features into the new structure. The dilapidated old barn was transformed, replaced by an airy, light-filled, luxuriously appointed studio.

For more than a year, we lived there while renovating our home. We got to know the studio’s features and to appreciate its charms.

It wasn’t long before we realised something: if we liked what the studio had to offer, others would, too. That’s when the idea of a B&B took hold. It was a chance decision that re-shaped our lives.

Today, we leave nothing to chance. That’s especially so when it comes to providing our guests with unique, clean and comfortable accommodation.

Bet and Keith

In six weeks of touring Australia, we found ourselves comparing accommodations to Bet's B&B, and Bet's came out on top every time. - Becky & Ed, USA
We spent a weekend at Bet’s B&B and loved it. Everything is beautifully organized and laid out for your convenience and the décor and ambience is lovely. - Jessica & James, Switzerland
Great location, nice and quiet, yet a reasonable distance to the city. Clean, stylish and has
everything you need.
- Emily & Danny, Australia
Love the open plan loft. Very cosy and comfortable. Private entry is a plus and there’s room to move. - Debra & Greg, Sweden
We left this studio with a heavy heart because Bet’s B&B is the most amazing B&B we have ever stayed. - Melanie & Raj, Malaysia